Live real space experience

Explore the Universe at your finger tips. Learn new space facts and information in an interactive way.

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Astronomer’s Guide 5in1

solar system model

Unique Solar System Model

The most complex Solar System model in the world. Realistic details of whole Solar System.

real time data

Real – Time Data

Check current celestial objects positions or move in time into the future or the past. How about the day you were born?


Detail 3D models

Enjoy attractive 3D models of planets and stars based on NASA data. Explore more than 100 000 most visible objects in the sky.

Scope Solar System product

night sky

Night Sky

Observe the night sky in real time from the place where you are standing at.

virtual reality

Virtual Reality

Explore the Universe with unique set of VR glasses. Fly through the Solar System or fly around ISS while it orbits the Earth in real time.

space experience

Fantastic Space Experience

Get into shoes of an astronaut and take a walk around landing site of Apollo 11 mission or Curiosity Rover.

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Be part of the universe

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Space intense experience

Perfect gift for children and all space fans.

Primarily intended for children and space fans designed especially to learn new information in a very interactive way.

Turn your phone or computer into the space window and get the real touch with the Universe. Drag yourself into the space with VR cardboard glasses and study the Universe with the digital space encyclopedia.

Find amazing space information in one place and learn thrilling facts about stars, planets, dwarf planets or other celestial objects.

  • Most valued educational application on Apple Store.
  • One of the most valued educational application about the Universe on Google Play.
  • Used in schools as a tool to teach astronomy.
  • Used by observatories and planetariums around the globe.


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Space facts as never before

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Unique Features

Astronomer’s guide shows you the Universe beyond your imagination.
Real space experience at your finger tips and get into shoes of an astronaut.

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Parts of the 5in1 bundle


Three applications as a part of the box with downloadable codes.

Solar System Scope
A robust space encyclopedia full of details about planets and celestial objects. You will be able to see surface and beneath the surface of the planets.

Solar System Scope VR
The unique experience with focus on space events such as real ISS space station, Curiosity Rover or Appollo 11. Perfectly punctual 3D models of the real space objects.

Planet Orbiter VR
Unforgettable view from lower orbit on Earth surface, continents, horizons with sun dawn supported by high detailed graphics.

VR Glasses

Enjoy a real virtual reality experience thanks to VR cardboard glasses and turn your smartphone
literally into the space window. 

VR glasses are enhanced with a side rubber band that holds it on the head.

Encyclopedia of Space

Maximize your space knowledge and explore it even in old-fashioned way through a brand new encyclopedia of space with 192 pages made by astronomy experts and scientists.

Visually compelling and fully illustrated  with content preserving exact international astronomical terminology. 

The encyclopedia is divided into four parts, the first two of which deal with the Solar System and the other two to the vast Universe beyond the Solar System. 

For those attracted by mysteries of the Universe.

encyclopedia of space cover
space poster

Space Poster

A2 size wall poster with double-sided printing.

Puncually elaborated graphics and space images will enlighten the room of each space fan and enthusiast.

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Customers love our guide.

Our Latest Reviews

A wonderful app with great attention to detail. An overall beautiful experience with great graphics and a vast scope of information.

5 stars

Normajean Ridzyowski5 stars

This is coming from a 60 year old but always a kid staring at the stars.
You’ve given me a wonderful gift of something I truly have never experienced on a app. 
You people rock. I just started so I’ve only been to Venus. Awesome ??? thanks for making me smile.

Alan Browne

Rick Clemons5 stars

Extremely cool. Real time display of the stars and location in the sky as you move your phone.. tracks comets and you can put in any past dates to see what the night sky looked like then, love this, yeet!!!!!

When I can’t look at the starry sky because of weather, I turn to Solar System Scope. I’m in-doors or too busy at the time well it is Solar System Scope. The graphics are for me phenomenal, and I like the music that comes with it. S.S.S is informative that it comes with an excycopedia. I give it …on a 10 scale: 10.

Kathleen Cullen5 stars

What a wonderful app. Looking up at the night sky has never been more exciting. Not only have I learned a lot about our Stars and planets,being able to go back in time an see how the planets were alined when you were born,way cool. Love this app.

Jeremy Folds 5 stars

Love the interface. Very informative and educational. Makes me look cool too when I’m on my device.

Andrew Molen5 stars

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Perfect gift for space fans and enthusiasts.

Bundle of 5 pieces (Applications, encyclopedia of space, VR glasses and the poster, VR cardboard glasses and the poster).

Regular updates and latest space information. If there is anything new in the space, you got it.

Intuitive and entertaining way of learning and exploring the Universe.

Suitable for everyone. (12+ years).

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