Astronomer´s guide


Explore the Universe at your finger tips. Learn new space information in an interactive way.
Unique space guide 5 in 1 will reveal more than 100 000 space facts about planets, dwarf planets, constellations and stars.

Available on all devices (smartphones, tablets and desktops).

Find these amazing space tools in our guide:

  • 3x virtual space applications. (Solar System Scope, Solar System Scope VR, Space Orbiter VR)
  • Encyclopedia of Space (192 pages).
  • VR cardboard glasses
  • A1 space poster

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The mysteries of the Universe are the most traditional and most modern topic that humanity has been dealing with for centuries. With evolving technologies, we have the Universe at our fingertips. So, it is up to us, the people, whether the Universe will remain distant and cold for us or if we will explore it and reveal its secrets.

The interactive Space Guide 5 in 1 will help you discover the Solar System and the night sky. Scientifically accurate data from NASA and sophisticated graphics offer a fascinating experience not only from discovering the Universe through virtual reality, but also from the encyclopedia of space itself.

The best part is that you don’t even realize it, because you are immediately engulfed by the depths of the Universe.

Explore the Universe

  • Encyclopedia of Space (192 pages)
  • 3x space applications (System Solar Scope, System Solar Scope VR and Planet Orbiter VR)
  • A1 space poster
  • 3D VR cardboard glasses

1. Encyclopedia of Space

A brand new, 192-page book on the universe, worked on by a team of experts.
Visually elaborated, beautifully illustrated with texts accurately preserving international astronomical terminology. The information is given in a simple and especially interesting way.

The encyclopedia is divided into four parts, the first two of which deal with the Solar System and the other two with the vast Universe beyond the boundaries of the Solar System. The book is intended for children from the age of 12, but it will undoubtedly interest everyone who is interested in exploring the mysterious universe.

2. Virtual Application Solar System VR

With this application you will be able to zoom in on individual models of planets, fly around the International Space Station (ISS), walk around the landing site of Apollo 11 or Curiosity Rover.

3. Virtual Application Planet Orbiter VR

Experience an unforgettable view of the oceans and continents with the setting sun beyond the horizon, as well as a flight around the Earth in the shoes of an astronaut. Extra high resolution maps and special technology allow you to explore the Earth’s surface in high quality and in close proximity.

4. Application Solar System Scope

The interactive encyclopedia of space for smartphones and computers reveal all the most interesting facts about planets, the most famous moons and dwarf planets.

You can even find information and visualizations about more than 100,000 of the most visible stars. You can immerse yourself in details such as the cross-sections of the planets and the sun, or find objects in the sky directly from where you are. All texts are supported by realistic 3D visualization based on real scientific data from NASA.

5. Space Poster (A1)

The scientific poster of our Solar System is larger, double-sided with more elaborated graphics.

6. VR Cardboard Glasses

VR cardboard glasses with the application can turn your phone into a window on Space and at the same time give you first contact with virtual reality.


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